And she’s off!

Kicked off my 101 by tackling #59: Clean out all my closets, drawers, etc and organize my life within the first six weeks of the 1001 days and the last six weeks of the 1001 days.  Whew, and what a kick off it was.  I took Friday and Monday off of work and pretty much worked on this continuously for four days.  I’m exhausted, but my closets look fabulous.

I have about eight bags of things to go to various donation places, a big bin of yard sale stuff, and about 15 bags of trash.  Sister and I did a clean out like this about a year ago, so it was surprising how much stuff there still was to get rid of.  It was a good reminder about needing to be more mindful of what I purchase/accumulate and bring into the house.  I actually have empty space in drawers and closets, which is a pretty freeing.  And now there is a strict moratorium on purchase of any of the following items: chapstick/lip balm, cocktail napkins, cute paper straws, honey, tea of any kind, hot cocoa, small purse packs of tissues, travel size ANYTHING, cupcake liners, and fancy vinegar.  So very much of all those things.

Doing #59 also helped to get a few other things crossed off my list: #86 – Create Evernote list of pre-purchased gifts for easy searching and using and #89 – Organize jewelry cabinet.  It’s going to be so nice to have all my jewelry organized in a way that is easy to see so that I’ll actually use it, and not wear the same two pieces every day.

The Evernote of gifts is also going to be soooo handy.  Like a lot of women, I’ve accumulated quite the stash of little odds and ends that would make good gifts.  But come gift-giving time, they were tucked away in hard to access boxes and scattered around the house.  Now, not only are they all in the same place, I have two Evernotes with a picture of each item (one for kid gifts and one for adults).  The next time I need to gift something, I’ll just scroll though the pictures, go get that item, and wrap it up.  My long term goal is NOT to accumulate that kind of stuff – it’s often night quite the right thing and most of the people I buy gifts for I want to be able to give them something more personal than a candle from my stash.  But the Evernote organization will definitely help me “spend down” my current stash.  Btw, using Evernote in general has been life changing and I’m an evangelical Evernoter.

Last update – A.J. and D.B. came over for breakfast on Saturday and we worked on their lists.  It’s so fun to be talking about this idea of positive goal setting with such fun, smart ladies.  I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone’s final lists look like!  I guess you can say the breakfast also accomplished part of #95 – Have at least five 101 progress report and planning dates with Lauren and others.  Cheers!

P.S.  My very favorite thing from the clean out is the increased functionality of my upper corner cabinet thanks to the addition of two 18″ non-skid turntables/Lazy Susans.  I am obsessed with them and can’t stop opening that cabinet to admire how beautifully organized and functional those spinny little disks are.  Everyone with one of those god-awful black hole cabinets should get one.


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